In December 1972 Rossendale Hall and Lodge was offered for sale.  The two families submitted an offer, which was accepted.  They raised the money for the purchase from the sale of their own homes, plus a donation from a local benefactor and the subsequent sale of the Lodge.

Both families moved into the Hall in the spring of 1973.

In order to meet the need for their fledgling service, the Chapmans and Hydes immediately began to fundraise for the construction of a purpose-built respite unit.  Over the next three years, with the unstinting support of many people from Sutton and Macclesfield, the group achieved their goal and the Short Stay Unit (later re-christened Riverside) was opened in 1976. The Trust was now truly on its way.

Since that time, the Trust has undergone many changes, whilst staying true to its founding values.  During the 1980s the Trustees decided to move into the provision of residential care for adults with learning and physical disabilities, which remains the basis of our service. In 2008 the Trustees began a transition from providing residential care to the provision of care and support in Supported Living. Many of the new tenants had been residents at the Trust for many years, but a total of 11 tenants new to Rossendale also moved into apartments in Macclesfield and Sutton.

In January 2013 a new development (Canalside View) opened in Macclesfield.This project, in partnership with Contour Homes (a Registered Social Landlord) provides 7 apartments for a total of 16 tenants.

This is the final stage in the change of service philosophy. This fundamental change in what we do reflects the Trust’s commitment to delivering a personal service to each individual.

Today, The Rossendale Trust provides care and support to 64 individuals at seven sites in Macclesfield and Buxton. The Trust supports people across a wide spectrum of ability and disability. The Trust’s sustainability and development plan demands that we grow and expand to meet and surpass the needs of the people we care for. This is evident in two recent acquisitions in Macclesfield. Bank Street is a spacious newly refurbished (four bedroom) property which supports four tenants and walker lane is a small house that supports two individuals.

Supported living enables each person to explore the choices in their own lives, and to fulfil their potential. We support all of our tenants to achieve their potential, whatever their level of ability.

The Trust’s vision reflects the 40 years of caring:

“To create an environment in which people can develop and grow, enabling them to have ownership of their lives, and futures”.

Even in times of extreme budget pressures on local authorities (who fund the cost of our tenants’ care and support) The Trust believes that it must continue to grow.  We have a growing list of potential tenants and we are actively creating partnerships with families, housing associations and local authorities to produce new developments.

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To create an environment in which people can develop and grow, enabling them to have ownership of their own lives and futures.


To meet the needs of the people in our care by supporting them to live a full and meaningful life.

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