We currently offer a wide range of activities so there is already plenty to choose from but we are always looking to expand and are happy to hear about any suggestions or new ideas. Have a look through our current activities and let us know if you would like to get involved.

Arts and Crafts

Our popular arts and craft sessions take place in a relaxed, intimate environment which encourages social interaction. Our objective is to promote self-expression and development, discovering creativity for every ability. Activities include weaving, knitting, sewing, embellishing, chalking, felting, drawing, sketching, painting, woodcrafts, jewellery making and seasonal crafts.



The baking group get to be involved in all aspects of baking making anything from sweet treats to savoury bakes. They enjoy preparing a variety of snacks, scones, quiches, cupcakes, muffins, tarts and cakes, all of which can be taken home and shared with friends and family at the end of the day.


Cooking is a whole day activity led by our experienced and enthusiastic head chef. The group often spend the morning preparing a delicious lunch before the afternoon session which primarily focuses on making biscuits, cakes and salad which can be taken home to enjoy. The group will be shown many aspects of cookery, including the importance of hygiene, health and safety, menu planning, healthy eating, food preparation and an array of cooking styles.

Cooking for health

The healthy cookery group is a whole day activity which focuses on the many aspects of healthy eating and the importance of maintaining a balanced diet. Our fun sessions involve the preparation of a healthy meal in the morning which will be enjoyed by the group at lunchtime before further cooking is carried out in the afternoon.


Day Trips

A really fun activity which sees our day trip groups visit a wide range of locations and places of interest. The members of the groups pool their ideas of places they would like to visit and agree on a programme of weekly outings. This is done with a focus on socialisation, offering the chance to meet new people, having new experiences and learning new things.


The drama group helps individuals learn a wide variety of performance skills and styles, focusing on expression, communication, developing team work and most importantly, having fun. The group is led by a passionate teacher who strives for participation and inclusion for all.


We have teamed up with a small local farm which has a variety of animals including goats, alpacas, sheep, poultry and a garden area. Our group help to look after the animals, the upkeep of the animal accommodation, horticultural work and site maintenance.


Our horticulture group work hands on in a practical environment. We work outdoors on ground maintenance or in the polytunnels and greenhouses at Rossendale Hall where the group produce a variety of bedding plants, vegetables and herbs. Our sessions include filling pots, growing plants on, gathering seed from existing plants, plant propagation and making raised beds in which to grow fruit and vegetables. We occasionally get the chance to visit nurseries to buy stock.

The group also enjoy making decorative hanging baskets and planters which are sold to local businesses, friends, families and on markets stalls which promotes engagement with the local community.

Keep Fit

Our keep fit classes are run by an enthusiastic fitness instructor who is experienced in tailoring the content of the classes to the needs and abilities of the group, so everyone is welcome to join in!

Dancing forms a big part of this session as does ‘Pound’ using Ripstix which are lightly weighted exercise drumsticks that transform drumming into a highly effective, full-body workout.

The group also get involved in suggesting which songs they want to exercise to during the sessions and can adapt moves to their own liking. The focus is very much on health and wellbeing, but all done in a relaxed, social and most importantly, fun environment.

Media & Printing

During the media sessions, the group learn how to use a computer, from the basics of turning it on to learning how to safely surf the internet and to use a variety of software and programs. We have a wide range of equipment to suit every need and ability, from touch screens and iPads, to enlarged keyboards and large rollerball mice.

We also use photographic and videoing equipment, to promote self-expression and explore the world of social media and how to keep safe when using it.

Printing involves designing and producing a wide range of bespoke printed items for sale. These include T-shirts, coasters, key rings, mugs, banners, wall art stickers and canvases. Tasks include using design software, preparing and printing items and then cutting them to size all the while liaising with our customers via email.


Multi Sports

Our Multi Sports session is run in partnership with Macclesfield FC Community Sports Trust. We get to take part in lots of fun indoor sports that the group can choose from including archery, darts, football, dodgeball, rugby, lacrosse, cricket, hockey, golf and axe throwing (yes, really!). During the session there are plenty of opportunities to discuss healthy lifestyle choices including the benefits of regular exercise and a healthy diet.


The music session is our biggest group activity, which also makes it the most sociable! A qualified music instructor works alongside our Activity Leader and the music group to choose songs and themes. We practice each week, building up to a performance for family and friends to enjoy.

Individuals can learn how to play a variety of instruments, learn new and old songs and get to work as a team. Some music sessions also include learning to ‘sing and sign’ and there is a themed pop quiz each week. We also hold social music sessions followed by bingo.

Keep Fit for people with learning disabilities


Our Pilates based classes are run by an experienced, qualified instructor.  Pilates trains the body as an integrated whole, and the group get to do exercises which focus on core, lower body, and upper body strength as well as improving flexibility and posture. Most weeks have a fun theme too!

Grounds Maintenance

The Grounds Maintenance team volunteer at a number of different locations around Cheshire and Derbyshire including Rudyard Lake, Macclesfield Forest and Alderley Edge as well as volunteering with the Canal & Rivers Trust and the Peak District National Park. The group get involved with activities such as leaf clearance, pruning, path and general grounds maintenance, general gardening, painting, and pond dipping. 

Social group

This is purely a social activity where a group of us visit different cafes in the surrounding area giving everyone the chance to settle down for a cuppa and a chance to catch up and socialise.

Tabletop Games

Tabletop games is a very sociable activity where the group can have a drink and chat whilst enjoying a variety of board games, dominos and cards.

Video Gaming

A recent addition to the Oakwood activities programme is our video gaming sessions. They include lots of different gaming choices including PlayStation, Nintendo Wii, Xbox, Virtual Reality and Nintendo Switch. It’s great fun as the group get the opportunity to compete in Mario Cart competitions and even arrange their own gaming tournaments.



Given our location, the walking groups get the opportunity to take in the beautiful surroundings of Cheshire, Derbyshire and Staffordshire. We tailor each walking group to the needs and abilities of those attending and everybody gets the chance to suggest where the group goes. 


A very popular activity, our woodworking group get to work on a variety of interesting projects which see us make beautiful wooden items such as planters, bird boxes and bug hotels, all of which are available to buy.

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