We are extremely proud of our tenancy allocation process which exists to ensure that tenants are able to live in the right type of home with the right type of people! Everyone is unique so it is extremely important to us that we get this right.

The allocation process involves the prospective tenant and their relatives and current care provider, the local authority as commissioner of the service, the landlord and the Trust as the care provider.

In order to ensure a decision is based on a fair and robust admission process, we have an allocation policy and procedure. Through this procedure, we aim to ensure that the best interests of existing tenants, as well as prospective tenants are met. Not least is the need to ensure that everyone is satisfied that the accommodation is suitable, is what the tenant wants, that we are fully able to meet the needs of the prospective tenant and that the process is properly planned to give the new tenant the best possible start to their “independent” life.

A prospective tenant’s needs are thoroughly assessed before admission. This assessment will cover a range of health and social care needs. For tenants who are known to a social service department, the initial assessment will be undertaken as part of the care management process, but we also need to assure the service user and ourselves that the Trust is able to meet their care and support needs.
For potential tenants who approach the Trust directly, the Trust will make a full assessment of needs, and, with the potential tenant’s permission, seek specialist advice and reports as necessary.

The Trust will arrange for prospective tenants and their families or other representatives to visit the accommodation, have a look round and of course, meet fellow tenants. It is important that existing tenants, particularly those with whom accommodation is to be shared, are consulted as far as possible and their views are always taken into account.

We are very aware about the potentially life-changing nature of the decision being taken by those involved. No single process can suit all individuals therefore, flexibility and adaptation to meet needs will always be essential.

We also recognise that every prospective tenant should have the opportunity to live in suitable accommodation and with people of their choice. To facilitate that choice and to ensure that our tenants and their families or representatives know precisely what services the trust offers, the Trust will do the following:

  • Ensure that every prospective tenant has his or her needs externally assessed before any decision on a potential tenancy.
  • Provide detailed information on the care and support offered by the Trust supported living service by publishing a statement of purpose and a detailed service user guide.
  • Have an inclusive Allocation Policy and Procedure respecting the potential tenant’s needs choice and preferences. This process is planned to include both the prospective tenant and the existing tenants’ views and choices. Arrange introductory visits for prospective tenants and their relatives, as appropriate.

Our Accommodation

We offer a range of accommodation giving us choice to cater for people’s individual needs and preferences. This is provided by the Rossendale Trust, housing associations or private landlords.

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Supported Living

Here at the Trust, we provide individual care and support to adults with learning and physical disabilities to help them retain and increase their independence whilst integrating into society and their local community. But more than that, we provide people with homes where each tenant can take ownership of their own lives and futures to…

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We are sure you will have lots of questions. Here we have tried to answer ones that we frequently get asked about.

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Join our friendly team as a Support Worker and help change the lives of our amazing tenants!

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