• Horticulture


    During our horticulture sessions we use gardening as the tool to develop new skills and engage with others in a safe and secure environment, which in turn builds confidence and self-esteem and encourages greater independence.

    Working hands on in a practical environment, we produce a wide variety of plants including decorative hanging baskets, bedding plants and containers, which go on to be sold to the local businesses, as well as at our craft and market stalls, giving a feeling of being part of and contributing to the community that the individuals who access the activity live in.

    Gardening has proven to be a great stress reliever and can provide a deep sense of well-being which can bring about a positive change in people’s lives.

    We offer a relaxing, supportive and informal learning environment where people can develop their communication skills and gain the confidence they need to interact with others. This enables people to feel less isolated and excluded and gives them a sense of belonging.



    During the media sessions we learn how to use a computer, from the very basics of turning it on, to learning how to safely surf the internet and all the software and programmes in between. We have a wide range of equipment to suit every need, from touch screens and I pads, to enlarged keyboards and roller mice. This enables us to provide the activity to any level of ability, to maximise participation.

    We use photographic and videoing equipment catering for a broad range of abilities, enabling expression of creativity in capturing unique pictures and film. We explore the world of social media and how to keep yourself safe when using it.

    All this learning is done in a relaxed, informal way in a sociable setting, where you can work with others in the group and meet and make new friends.



    The Oakwood walking groups, given our location, get the opportunity to take in the beautiful surroundings of Cheshire, Derbyshire and Staffordshire. We tailor each walking group to the needs and abilities of those attending and everybody gets the chance to suggest where the group goes. The walking group gives you an excellent opportunity to get active and outdoors in a sociable group.



    The Oakwood swimming session uses a local leisure facility to take part in a group swim with others, ensuring not just an opportunity to engage in an activity that promotes health and wellbeing but also the chance to socialise with other members of the local community.

    There is equipment and trained life guards on hand to ensure that any need or ability can join in with the activity, also volunteers are on hand to oversee the sessions, ensuring everyone can reach their potential when taking part.

    Keep Fit

    Keeping Fit

    Oakwood’s keep fit sessions offer you the chance to take part in an exercise class tailored to the needs and abilities of those in the group by our enthusiastic and experienced fitness instructor. Everyone is welcomed to take part.

    The group has the opportunity to contribute suggestions as to which songs are used to move to during the sessions and adapting moves to your own liking is always promoted! The session focuses on health and wellbeing, but all done in a relaxed, social and most importantly, fun environment!



    The music session is Oakwood’s only large group activity, which also makes it the most social. A qualified music instructor works with the group to choose songs and themes, then practice each week to build up to a performance to family and friends.

    You will learn how to play instruments, learn new and old songs, improve your hand to eye coordination, timing, tempo and working as a team. Most importantly the session is relaxing, great fun and a fantastic place to meet and make new friends.



    The Oakwood leisure groups take part in a wide range of “one off” activity sessions. These can include fishing, football, go karting, bowling and stadium tours. These groups focus on socialisation and getting to use your wider community with a group of friends. You will be offered the opportunity to take part in these activities alongside your normal Oakwood programme.

    Arts and Crafts

    Arts & Crafts

    Arts and Crafts takes place in a calm and safe environment which offers supervision and guidance, where the objective is to promote expression and development, enthusing creativity no matter what your ability.

    Activities individuals have been able to explore so far have been weaving, knitting, sewing, embellishing, felting, chalking, drawing, painting, seasonal crafts, woodcrafts and jewellery.

    An important area of Arts and Crafts is the social element, working with likeminded people in an intimate setting gives you the chance to make new friends, be involved in the selection of what craft activities the group will undertake and decide what trips out we will do, giving everyone a sense of participation.



    The Oakwood cycling group focuses on health, fitness and wellbeing in a social, relaxed and fun environment. The groups run from two separate locations, Macclesfield leisure centre (indoors) and Wythenshawe park (outdoors) ensuring we can take part in the sessions all year round without relying on the weather.

    We use a wide range of cycles that cater for every need and ability, including wheelchair adapted bikes, tricycles, four wheelers and hand powered bikes.

    Day Trips

    Days Out

    The Oakwood day trips groups take in a wide range of trips, visits and places of interest. The members of the groups pool their ideas of places and trips they’d like to visit and then they agree on a programme of weekly trips that they will work through. This is done in a social environment in groups of five, sixes and sevens so you get the chance to meet and make new friends whilst getting out and about exploring the country and learning new things.



    We are looking to reintroduce cookery to our range of options at Oakwood. The sessions focus on the many aspects of cookery, including health and safety, menu planning, healthy eating, preparation, an array of cooking styles and most importantly, thorough cleaning afterwards.

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    To create an environment in which people can develop and grow, enabling them to have ownership of their own lives and futures.


    To meet the needs of the people in our care by supporting them to live a full and meaningful life.

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