• The Fantastic 5 Lottery



    The Rossendale Trust Fantastic 5 Lottery


    Join the Fantastic 5 lottery draw to be in with a chance of winning a monthly cash prize .

    For just £5 a month you can purchase a unique number in our Fantastic 5 lottery. Winning numbers are selected randomly by computer every month and 50% of the monthly income will be divided into 5 cash prizes. Winners are automatically notified and winning cheques will be posted.

    What’s more is that by signing up you are helping to support the people that we support here at The Rossendale Trust.

    Payment must be made in advance by completing the donation form below. Choose how many numbers you would like (there is no limit) and pay the monthly sum.

    Players must be aged 16 or over

    The Fantastic 5 Lottery Draw replaces our 100+ Club. Those who are already signed up to our 100+Club will have their numbers automatically transferred to the new lottery.

    Together we can make a difference

    For more information email Sue Heaven






    The Rossendale Trust is licensed under the Small Society’s Lottery Gambling Act No. LTR0321

    Charity of the Year


    Ways you can partner with us

    A partnership with The Rossendale Trust means more than just making a financial contribution. It’s about working with us to raise awareness of the issues faced by people with learning disabilities, challenging attitudes, and helping to give people with learning disabilities real opportunities in life.

    Charity of the year

    Choosing The Rossendale Trust as your ‘Charity of the Year’ enables us to build a close and strategic relationship with you and gives you a focus for your fundraising activities.

    We will work with you to create a partnership plan to suit your business needs and maximise the opportunities for you and Rossendale Trust, addressing both your business and corporate social responsibility objectives and providing excellent opportunities to engage with your staff and the wider community.

    Fundraising Materials to Download

    Please download any of these materials to help you reach your fundraising goals.

    This useful pack includes:

    Dear Fundraiser

    A-Z of fundraising ideas

    Click here to set up your donation page with EveryDayHero

    Sponsorship form

    EveryDayHero fundraising tips and guide

    Fundraising Poster

    10k Training Plan

    All these materials will help you reach your sponsorship target or organise your own event. With lots of great ideas for fundraising, how to spread the word about your event, and how the money you raise for The Rossendale Trust helps adults with learning disabilities have the freedom to live the lives they choose within their local community.

    Give a Collection Tin a Home

    Collection Tin

    For years, many people with learning disabilities have been kept ‘behind the scenes’.

    By providing a space for one of our collection tins, you’re helping to raise awareness and funds which help local people with learning disabilities to live the lives they choose.

    On average one collection tin will raise £60 a year. Multiply this by 100 and just imagine how many dreams can come true with £6,000 of your loose change!

    Could your workplace, local shop, pub, leisure centre, garage or hairdresser, home a tin to support adults with learning disabilities?

    For more information or if you could be a collection tin coordinator for us, please contact the fundraising team on 01260 252216 or email sue.heaven@rossendaletrust.org

    Involve your school, university, college or nursery

    Involve your School

    Fundraising at your school, university, college or nursery can be rewarding, educational and fun.

    It’s a brilliant way to support adults with learning disabilities.

    Raising money for charity not only helps motivate school children to think of others less fortunate than themselves, but it also brings a great sense of community spirit and good citizenship to everyone involved.

    We’ll help you fundraise by providing you with materials such as collection tins, posters and balloons along with providing guidance for events and templates for quizzes, storytelling and colouring competitions.

    Here are just a few ways to kick-start your fundraising:

    • Nominate the Rossendale Trust as your charity of the year
    • Hold a collection at your Christmas carol service, concert or play
    • Sponsored event – silence, walk, run, swim or dance!
    • Hold a cake sale
    • Organise a ‘dress down’ day or ‘crazy hair’ day
    • Hold a fundraising summer fair
    • Collect your coppers
    • Organise a school dance with money from each ticket going to the Rossendale Trust
    • Organise a raffle and sell raffle tickets
    • Organise a charity concert or talent competition
    • Take part in a character day

    For more information or to request a fundraising pack, please call us on 01260 252216 or email sue.heaven@rossendaletrust.org

    Leave a Major Gift

    Leave a Gift

    Why leave a gift?

    How major gifts help us

    Your support and generosity enables us to deliver essential services and plan for the future. We rely on donations to help us. Our services are funded by the local authority and we ensure that all of those we support have the best possible care. It does not cover the cost of innovative projects and enhanced services which truly enable people with learning disabilities to live a fulfilling and active life within their local community.

    Like WorkTaste and Oakwood our day service for example

    As such we are seeking to maximise our fundraising potential to enable us to pay for these enhanced services which sit outside the remit of our core budget and statutory funding.

    As a supporter you will;

    • Receive regular updates on our work and the impact of your gift
    • Be invited to attend site visits, exclusive events and receptions
    • Be thanked publicly through key communications

    Make a major gift

    Email to sue.heaven@rossendaletrust.org to discuss your gift or to find out about Gift Aid or gifts of assets.



    Remember a Charity

    Every year, more and more people are leaving a gift to charity in their Will.

    Because of the generosity of people like you, we can continue our vital work – and even a small amount can make a big difference.

    That’s why we are taking part in Remember a Charity in your Will Week, from 10-16th September 2018.

    This year, we are coming together with our supporters to tackle some of life’s biggest question, such as “Could you help a person with a learning disability?”

    Please take a minute to discover how you can help answer these questions and pass on something wonderful.


    Our legal partners:

    Co-op Legal Services can support you and offer independent advice.

    Contact:Wills Department (Telephone advice and Will-writing service)

    Phone number: 0330 606 9578, for discount code please contact Marta@rememberacharity.org.uk

    Website: http://www.co-oplegalservices.co.uk

    Your legacy will change the world for a person with a learning disability

    By supporting the Rossendale Trust with a gift in your Will, you are supporting people with learning disabilities to develop and grow, enabling them to live as full a life as possible.

    To find out out more please call on:

    01260 252216


    Email sue.heaven@rossendaletrust.org

    Make a Difference Days: Corporate Volunteering

    Volunteering at one of our sites is a fun and rewarding way for your team to develop new skills, work closely with colleagues, and engage with our community.

    Whether you’re a group of 3 or 30, looking for an indoor or outdoor project, we can help identify the right volunteer opportunity for your business or organisation.

    From decorating or gardening around the homes, clearing land and building Polytunnels at our horticultural site, the opportunities available across our services are wide and varied.

    Help us enhance spaces and benefit the daily lives of the people we support.

    “ We all really enjoyed the experience it was lovely to get away from our desks for a day and make a difference .” Sue, Astra Zeneca

    “We had great fun helping out and meeting some of the people who live at Rossendale” Trish, Barclays

    If you would like more information about our Make a Difference days with the Rossendale Trust email ; sue.heaven@rossendaletrust.org or phone 01260 252216 for further details.

    Organise Your Own Event

    Organise an event

    Organise your own event

    If our organised events don’t take your fancy, why not arrange your own fundraising event?

    This could be anything from a cake sale or coffee morning to a car boot sale, sponsored swim or charity golf day – the choice is yours.

    We offer lots of help and support when organising your event, including plenty of materials, posters, collection buckets and bags of enthusiasm.

    Fundraising your way is simple and straightforward with our 12 easy steps:

    • Decide what you want to do – whether you’d like to do something adventurous, quirky, sporty or social, you’ll find inspiration on our A to Z of ideas in the fundraising materials to download.
    • Identify a date – what date would be best, not just for you but for the people you hope will attend?
    • Identify a location – remember you may need to book well in advance. Consider how much space you need, whether parking is an issue and if you need to hire a place, what your budget is.
    • Resources and costings – venue? entertainment? licencing? catering?
    • Plan ahead – write a list of everything you can think of that needs to be done, identifying people and tasks involved. Prioritise your list and arrange regular meetings with your volunteers, so you can brainstorm, share news and keep everyone updated.
    • Set your fundraising goal – set yourself a realistic and achievable target. You may want to seek support from local companies, have a raffle or hold a collection to help you reach your target.
    • Promote your event – once the details are decided it’s time to drum up lots of interest from everyone you know. Don’t forget to tell us what you’re doing so we can help publicise. Contacting your local media about your fundraising activity may seem a little daunting but it is relatively easy and only requires a little forward planning. You will not only raise more interest in your event but increase awareness. Set up a page for your event on Facebook. It’s easy and a fantastic way to encourage family and friends to support you, even if they live miles away. Use Facebook and Twitter to increase awareness about your event, Rossendale Trust and those whose lives are affected by learning disabilities.
    • Stop and think – What could go wrong? You need to think this through and plan accordingly. A month before the event, check everything is going to plan and make adjustments if not. How are your numbers looking? Do you need more publicity? Are costs mounting? Has the caterer been booked? Do you have enough volunteers? Do you need a license? Confirm with the venue and key people that everything is still on track and do so again, a week and the day before.
    • Enjoy! – most importantly sit back and enjoy your event. Watch all of your hard work pay off knowing that the funds you’ve raised will help dreams come true for people with learning disabilities in your community.
    • What to do after the event – thank everyone who has helped you along the way and tell them how you have done. Collect all the money you are owed by your sponsors. Download our sponsor forms if you need more.
    • Pay it in! – you can collect donations yourself and send them to us or raise money through .
    • Pat yourself on the back! – Be sure to let us know once you have finished your fundraising as we would love to send you out a thank you letter and certificate. We also love to see our fundraiser in action so please send us in any pictures that you have from your event.

    If you’d like to talk more about organising your own event, or to register for a fundraising pack, please call Sue Heaven on 01260 252216 sue.heaven@rossendaletrust.org

    We look forward to hearing your fantastic fundraising ideas. Why not get your workplace, school or college involved too?

    Payroll Giving

    Payroll Giving

    Choosing to make your donation through your payroll each month is an easy and effective way of supporting our projects.

    All you need to do is tell your employer your intentions, how much you wish to give and the frequency of your donation by filling in the form below.

    Your donation is then deducted from your salary before tax and your employer sends this onto an HMRC approved Payroll Giving Agency, who then forward your gift to us.

    The data supplied on this form will enable your donation to reach us and any other charity you may wish to support through your payroll.

    Download the payroll giving form >>

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    To create an environment in which people can develop and grow, enabling them to have ownership of their own lives and futures.


    To meet the needs of the people in our care by supporting them to live a full and meaningful life.

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