23rd May 2024

Highlights from Our Tenants Forum

Engaging Tenants in Decision Making: Highlights from Our April Forum

At our recent Tenants Forum held on April 16th, 2024, we showcased our commitment to including tenants in decision-making processes. The forum was well attended by tenants and everyone got an opportunity to speak. Here’s a glimpse of how we ensured everyone’s voice is heard and valued.

Welcoming New Faces and Sharing Updates

We kicked off the forum by reviewing the minutes from our previous meeting, highlighting the addition of new staff members and their photos. Steve Nichols, a guest speaker, provided insights into his role and the operations of the Trust. Steve explained his responsibilities and those of his colleagues, including managing finance, HR, properties, IT, and fundraising. The forum allowed tenants to ask Steve questions directly.

Preparing for Upcoming Elections

We discussed the importance of the upcoming May vote for the Cheshire Police and Crime Commissioner. Tenants received guidance on voting procedures, emphasising the significance of participating in the election and the practicalities of voting. Some tenants expressed excitement and took steps to ensure they were registered to vote.

Celebrating Dignity Day

The forum celebrated the success of our recent Dignity Day, including the voting process for the event’s logo. Tenants enjoyed participating and appreciated their involvement in choosing in a new logo.

Tenants’ Guide

Some tenants expressed their desire for a more understandable and accessible guide. In response, several tenants volunteered to collaborate on creating a new, easy-read format.

Maintenance and Facilities

Updates on building repairs and maintenance were provided, ensuring tenants are kept informed about ongoing improvements. Maintenance issues were discussed, and action plans put in place.

Social Activities and Well-being

Tenants shared their experiences and suggestions for social activities, including garden parties and holiday plans. The discussion also covered additional night staffing and transportation for outings and action plans were put into place so that tenants wishes can be met.

Future Forums

The forum concluded with plans for future meetings and guest speakers with tenants looking forward to bringing their ideas and thoughts to the next forum.

Our Tenants Forum really is a testament to our inclusive approach, ensuring every tenant has a say in the decisions that affect their lives. We look forward to our next forum in July, where we will continue to work together and involve our tenants in their care.

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