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Lucie Bevan, (Tenant from the Trust) successfully completed the Great Run 10K in the blistering heat of central Manchester recently.

A tenant of the Rossendale Trust for over 25 years, Lucie has complex health challenges including cerebral palsy and severe learning disabilities, neither of which has stopped her from taking part in the race. Three of the Trust’s staff members, Jodie, Lucy, Jenny have been inspired to support her on the run and assist with these fundraising endeavours.

The race was started by Mo Farah (British Olympic Champion), Lucie and the final wave of runners began the 10k route reaching out toward the Manchester United stadium and back to central Manchester. It was hoped Lucie would enjoy the race from a sensory point of view; the wind, acceleration, bumps, water and the roar of the crowds. It’s very easy to tell from the photographs that Lucie had the time of her life!

Ros Bevan (Lucie’s Mother) alongside Jodie, Jenny and Lucy also set an ambitious target for Lucie’s Challenge – £3000 which of course they exceeded, raising over £4000 for the Trust!

The success of the race seems to have had an effect on Lucie, her Mum and everyone involved, Ros commentating on the day said,

“There is nothing fragile about Lucie and although she cannot move or speak you can tell when she is enjoying herself and the whole lunacy of the hour and a half whizzing round 10K in Manchester was just her scene. All the noise – brass bands, choirs, cheering and people – were stimulating to her senses and especially the showers! MORE PLEASE!”

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