The Trust begins the new year by supporting its staff and tenants to lead healthy lives.

The Trust began the new year by supporting its staff and tenants to lead healthy lives. Re-enforcing its values and commitment to the health and wellbeing for all its staff and tenants. The Trust has recently been presented with the Silver Award in the Health & Wellbeing category at the North East Business Awards.

The Rossendale Trust which supports individuals with learning disabilities to live full & meaningful lives, opened their head office to host a lively Health & Wellbeing Day. 

The Trust were overwhelmed by the response from the staff and tenants, who flooded into Rossendale Hall to increase their knowledge on subjects from healthy snacking & eating, to mindfulness and holistic therapies. Juicing skills were demonstrated, with gorgeous drinks made from berries and even kale. One staff member commented, ‘Kale and Spinach wouldn’t have been my first choices – but I loved it’. 

Feedback from everyone who attended was positive, with one of the tenants describing their highlight as, ‘I loved the smoothies, the goody bags – but the reflexology did tickle a bit!!’

Sue Heaven (Head of Fundraising at the Trust) said, ‘We were thrilled to earn our runner-up award for Health & Well Being – it’s great to have this recognition for something that we strive day-in day day-out for. Healthy living is important for staff and tenants and has put us all on good path for the year ahead’. 



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To create an environment in which people can develop and grow, enabling them to have ownership of their own lives and futures.


To meet the needs of the people in our care by supporting them to live a full and meaningful life.

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