On 1st January, we are launching The Rossendale Virtual 10k Challenge and we are asking people of all ages and abilities to join together and move 10k for the Rossendale Trust. You can choose to move by any means you wish (although using a car may be cheating!) – run, cycle, scoot or skate – you choose. It’s so easy to do as you can complete the challenge in your own time over the month of January – no need to do 10K in one go, do a little every day if you prefer.  And hey, if you want to carry on and travel further than 10K, we won’t stop you.

We are looking for willing individuals or teams of individuals to take up the challenge and start the new year off with a flurry of activity.

Don’t waste a second sign up now by clicking the link below only £10 for an individual £20 for a family or team! We also ask everyone   to raise as much as you possible can. Have fun and get moving.


Great prizes to be won! The person or team that completes the 10k in funniest way, furthest distance travelled beyond 10k and the most money raised from your supporters and everyone gets a medal.

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To create an environment in which people can develop and grow, enabling them to have ownership of their own lives and futures.


To meet the needs of the people in our care by supporting them to live a full and meaningful life.

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